PFL Spring 2015 (Week Two)

Week Two, February 28, 2015

Game One: Weston Wallabies (1-1) 52 – Billerica Jay Hawks (1-1) 41
(No Wallabies mate: Akira, Pepin, Nowlan; Jay Hawks out: Cam LaHart, Nick “The Quick” Saddler)

Box Score Game One

Game Two: Arlington Acrobats (2-0) 49 – Belmont Braveheart (0-2) 28
(Acrobats on the shelf: Lida; Bravehearts still: Rob K, Chizzy)

Box Score Game Two

Game Three: Medford Mud Swans (2-0) 35 – Somerville Sugar Bears (1-1) 32
(Muddied: Kate McK, Mike P., Kirsten & Nik, Sam “Shepard” Marks; Sugar Bear? Poydar)

Box Score Game Three

Game Four: Lexington Legends (2-0) 41 – Dorchester D (0-2) 36
(Legends all in; No D from Keith Moore)

Box Score Game Four

Game Five: Eastie Erasers (1-1) 46 – Cambridge Crush (0-2) 32
(Erasing elsewhere: Roxy; Crushed by no crush: Frankie G, D Duane)

Box Score Game Five

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