PFL Spring 2017 (Week Thirteen)

Week Thirteen, May 20, 2017 

Game One /Dorchester Defenders (3-10) 48 – Somerville Saviors (4-6,0-3) 43

(not Defending the team: Shamari, Josh Pep, Nick, Lols, Sam, KT; out Saving: AK 36/38, ScottieG, AdM, Edgar)

Box Score Game One

Game Two / Medford Mud Swans (3-10) 55 – Eastie Erasers (4-6,1-2) 45

(Swans out: Ivan, Kid Ivan, LB, Maria; Erased: RF, JZ, Both, Tommy, Schnook)

Box Score Game Two

Game Three /Cambridge Crashers (5-5,2-1) 44 – Belmont Believers (6-4,1-2) 43

(Crashing: Temple; Olek; not Believing: Perrotta, Star Power, TGO, Tito, Krat)

Box Score Game Three

Game Four /Weston Wolves (5-5,2-1) 49 – Arlington Acrobats (6-4,1-2) 39

(Howling at home: Kord, Aaron, Sam, Rifle; un-Acrobatic: Wo, JB, GV, KR)

Box Score Game Four

Game Five /Lexington Legends (8-2,3-0) 43 – Billerica Jay Hawks (9-1,2-1) 36

(Legends come to play; Hawks nesting: JFerg, Lida)

Box Score Game Five

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