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February 23, 2015

    Fall-Winter 2014-15 Skills Competition

Skills Course

Ryan Faherty TWH :27.2 (WINNER!)

Mike Dennis CLS :31.6

Nick Mildwoff LSA 1:00.0

Michael Both RT :37.89

Sandy Kendall SSF :39.41

Roxy Pirnia CBH :37.94

Tim Wall MRR :36.13

Christian Hartjes SHG 1:00.0

PFL Fastest Human Being

JR Morris TWH :22.54 (WINNER!)

Tom Hamel CLS :26.80

Andy Lee LSA :25.11

Michael Both RT :31.85 (1)

Keith Reitman SSF :37.36 (2)

Sam Marks CBH :24.88

Chris Deubert MRR :23.68

Chris Leidel SHG :33.88 (1)

Three Point Shooting (NBA/NTL Style)

Josh Pepin TWH 8

Ivan Pina CLS 11 (WINNER!)

Edison Tam LSA 1

Nik Skogsberg RT 7

David Duane SSF 7

Tom Villani CBH 4

Chris Ryan MRR 5

Steven Friedman SHG 6

December 19, 2014

The Free Throw Project

This is an idea in its infancy. I am, we are all, concerned about the FT% in PFL. League aggregate: 331/691 = 47.6%

Sort of embarrassing, right?

One team is 30/92 = 32.6% The Celts traded Rondo and he was shooting better than that (12/36 = 33.3%) We cannot and will not trade this entire PFL team.

Here’s the idea: make The PFL Garden available for an hour a couple of times a week for players to come in and shoot a hundred FTs. (If you want some guidance from a guy who can make 95/100 any time of day, that guy will be there and available.)

We’ll partner you up with someone and you’ll shoot 10 FTs and switch with your partner who will shoot 10 and you’ll each do that 10 times. That’s 100. We chart it. We do a Before; we do an After.

$5 gets you in the gym (covers the cost of the gym – nickel a FT – and the coach who is there and investing in the idea of the Free Throw Project) and gets you a ball and a hoop. You’ll get better. We’ll all get better. You are part of The Project.

Takes 20 minutes. 6 hoops x 2 players. We can get 36 players through in an hour.

Mix and match: Sundays, Noon-1pm; Mondays, 10-11pm

Here’s the catch: you gotta think you can do this at least 10 times (10 x 100 FTs) between now and the end of Spring PFL (mid-May). To get better you need repetition and practice. (PRACTICE?) To practice you need a hoop. We want to track players progress, chart the improvement. Here’s the other catch: we need 20 players involved to make it worth the while. I want to see if we can improve the FT shooting of PFL as a whole. I know we can do it. (Do it 2x/wk!!!)

The Free Throw Project. Be part of history.

You game?

Steve B

February 23, 2013

    PFL Fall/Winter 2012-13 Season Awards

    PFL Award

Jeff Smith (Minnesota Muskies)

    Most Improved Player

Christian Hartjes (San Diego Sails)

    Most Valuable Player

Jeremiah Sloan (San Diego Sails)

    Comeback Player of the Year (2)

Patrick Geraghty (Pittsburgh Condors)
Scott Lieber (Kentucky Colonels)

    Top Team Offensive Players

David Duane (Carolina Cougars)
Jamal Halawa (Pittsburgh Condors)
Mark Pinchook (Minnesota Muskies)
Alexander Johnson (Baltimore Hustlers)
Dana Loveless (San Diego Sails)

    Top Team Defensive Players

Jeremiah Sloan (San Diego Sails)
Taylor Williams (Texas Chaparrals)
Jimmy Wyman (Anaheim Amigos)
Marty Bitner (Pittsburgh Condors)
Robert Kordenbrock (Kentucky Colonels)

Championship Saturday Skills’ Competitions

Skills Course

1. Alex Doerr (PC) :21.2
2. Prasant Tamang (TC) :22.8
3. David Po (AA) :25.4
4. Chris Leidel (MM) :30.4
5. Ryan Kowalczyk (BH) :30.9
6. Chizzy Uchendu (VS) :35.4
7. Dan Ziminski (MS) :50.9
8-9. David Duane (CC) 1:00
8-9. Christian Hartjes (SDS) 1:00
10. pass (KC)

PFL Fastest Human Being (4 layups)

1. Ryan Kowalczyk (BH) :23.5
2. Jeremiah Sloan (SDS) :23.9
3. Alexander Klaessig(KC) :26.4
4. Jon Schwartz (MM) :28.0
5. Brian Herrmann (VS) :28.6
6. Toly Chea (MS) :30.6 (incl. 5 secs added for 1 miss)*
7. Matt Siebler (CC) :33.4 (incl. 5 secs added for 1 miss)*
8. Jack Bears (AA) :35.0 (incl. 5 secs added for 1 miss)*
9. Lucas Bilbro (PC) :38.0 (incl. 10 secs added for 2 misses)*
10. Mike Brady (TC) :39.2 (incl. 10 secs added for 2 misses)*

PFL Three Point Shooting Contest w/ “Money Ball!”

1. Nik Skogsberg (AA) 14
2-4. David Duane (CC) 12
2-4. Barry Lai (KC) 12
2-4. Jeff Smith (MM) 12
5. Chris Ryan (MS) 10
5-6. Randy Richard (VS) 9
7. Alex Doerr (PC) 6
8-9. Dave Hartjes (SDS) 3
8-9. Jean Millette (TC) 3
10. Ryan Kowalczyk (BH) 0 well

Voters’ Notes (unedited)

    PFL Award notes:

PFL Award: Jean Millette. He’s a gentleman, and he always gets me fired up for competition.

MIP: Jack Bears. He’s shooting out lights.

MVP: Andrew Varley. Great athlete with a deft touch around the basket.

PFL award. Mara – long overdue
MIP award. Ben Floman – Can’t defend him anymore, could before
MVP award. Tim Knauer

I’ll put in my vote for Jamal Halawa my teammate for the PFL award.

Everybody likes him, he’s a funny guy, and he is responsible for one pure off-court PFL incident. He teaches these kids at Somerville, and thought that if they kept up their grades they’d get free Celtics tix, but it turned out it was free Celtics tix with the purchase of a paid seat.

So instead of giving up on the thing, he figured OK, I’ll find some folks to buy Celtics tickets and take these kids. And he turns to the PFL players. And, they come through. That’s the kind of league I want to be in.

Other awards:

Christian Hartjes MIP, used to just throw himself into traffic and listen for a whistle, this season he really stepped up as a teammate, distributor, and part of that over-achieving team that broke our hearts last week.

PFL Award: Siobhan Kelly (has she won it yet?)

MVP: Jeremiah Sloan. He doesn’t have the best stats, maybe struggles with one phase during a game, but he always seems to contribute in another area (rebounding, clutch shots, taking a charge, tough D) to lead his team to victory. Twice, twice, he rallied his team from behind to beat us in the last minute.

Offensive: Taylor Williams: very smart player, does whatever his team needs him to do to get the offense to flow.

PFL Award:

Jeff Smith. No one I played against this year played to win so hard yet was so quick to switch gears and compliment his opponents. Great balance of competitiveness and sportsmanship.


Patrick Geraghty:

Pat was a real monster this year and made tons of hustle plays for our team. Seems like he was always grabbing timely offensive boards and getting to the free throw line. He had one heckuva good season!


Che Silva

When Che was on the floor, he really makes his team better. Great passer, shooter, and all-around good guy who gets his teammates involved.

1) PFL Award – Jeff Smith (good guy, solid player, always a positive attitude and fun to play with AND against)

2) Most Improved Player (MIP) – Taylor Williams (I think we played against his team in the first game of the season and I didn’t even remember him at all, then when we met in the playoffs he gave us tons of trouble)

3) Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Jamal Halawa (when he’s on, he’s unstoppable)

PFL Tom (the godfather) Villani Great teammate. Passes first.(Always. I tell him to shoot more. I would) Great Defender. You won’t get anything by him. One of the nicest guys in PFL. No doubt.

MVP Jeremiah Sloan The ONLY reason we’re in the Finals. Look at his play the last 3-4 games. Any team he plays for in the future is an automatic contender. He makes everyone on the team better and quietly leads this team…

1) PFL Award – Ché Silva – Plays a great style of ball and super nice guy. Makes playing against him a ton of fun.
2) Most Improved Player (MIP) – David Po – always been quick and dangerous but his game this season was tough.
3) Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Tom Hamel – few games i watched this season of his– he took over and helped shape the outcome (doesn’t mean just shot it every time)
MVP – I think Che Silva gets the nod. He’s the glue of that team, which has, let’s face it, some big personalities. He slows them down and makes them think, speeds them up and makes them work…he’s the engine and the transmission. Che picks his moments to do maximum damage and always seems to sense the game’s momentum. Plus he’s a snappy dresser.

MIP – Christian Hartjes is my vote. He was like a wild bronco galloping around the court, with lots of speed but occasionally directionless. Over the last couple of seasons he has harnessed his powers and is now a focused missile. Dangerous.

PFL Award – Jim Wyman is my vote. He’s just a good dude. He’s a hell of a player and an excellent sharer. Every two year old knows how important that is.

Top 5 Defensive Players:
1. J. Sloan is not just one half of a trap. He’s like 2/3s of a trap. Kid is stymieing.
2. Tim Wall, aka, Brick Wall, aka Bricks, is not someone to mess with in the open court (or anywhere else for that matter) – he goes hard to the spot and is looking to take the charge. Admirable disregard for his own well-being.
3. Marty Bitner, aka, The Eraser. Marty’s pogo stick like jumping ability and his energy often made other players sad and questioning of their abilities. He didn’t mean to do that – he just blocks shots. It’s what he does…
4. Rob Kordenbrock – great rebounder
5. Marc Davenport – ditto. If I am building my defensive juggernaut I want these two down low.

Top 5 Offensive Players –
1. Year in, year out – Mark Pinchook. He’s a workhorse with a gentle touch around the hoop. A competitor.
2. Dave Duane had a great year, but then, of course he did. He’s got the tools to score on any defender. Very difficult check.
3. Alex Doerr – my teammate, I know, but he was always working hard and subordinating his game to the benefit of his teammates. Of course, he did that by getting us all open with screens. Very valuable.
4. Scott Lieber. Kid is nasty and quick and has not lost his touch even after his injury. Whirlwind of a player.
5. Nikolaus Skogsburg (sp) – really good dude who bangs down low, sets great screens and knocks down the open jumper. Good sharer. Good player.

PFL – David Duane, my one teammate vote. Having played against him many times it was great to be on the same team. His enthusiasm for playing the game the way the game is meant to be played is unparalleled in PFL, making him, well…very deserving of the PFL award.

MIP – Chris Perrotti, seems to have elevated his game to the next level.

MVP – Brian Hermann, put his team on his back this year. Does all the little things and the big things too. And a nice guy to boot. The sum of all factors equals a shiny MVP award to put on the mantle (until of course the wife removes it within hours, but still)!

PFL-as much as i hate to put this vote in, I’ll go with Larry “longpants” Bavis, he’s a pain in the ass but he’s good for a team, plays his one man zone, helps out others, screens, boards, loks to move the ball and finds mismatches and from what i know, he’s a good teamate….and I couldn’t think of anyone else. 🙂

MVP- Rob Ingle, they’re in the championship and on a good team he’s at or near the top in all of his team’s categories.

MIP-Brian Herrmann, anyone who has watched him play notices how much better he’s gotten.

Defense-Eric Poydar, Greg Herr, Jim Wyman, Jeremiah Sloan and last but not least Gordon Vidaver. I really hope he gets honored because he deserves it, I really hope people took notice of his defense, it’s sort of spastic but he’s intense and effective. HE held a couple really good guards this year to low numbers, he stayed with his man much more and didn’t wander as much and he created a lot of turnovers for us, he was responsible for helping create turnovers for us winning 2 games. HE improved a lot and he’s a great team player.

PFL Award: Bill Carruthers He is a tough competitor, but I also noticed him sweeping the floor before a game once. His team wasn’t even playing that game.

MVP: Nick Day. Super solid, good shooter, good teammate, good all around guy

February 21, 2012

PFL Fall/Winter 2011-12 Season Awards

    PFL Award

David Duane (New Jersey Nets)

    Most Improved Player

David Hartung (Syracuse Nationals)

    Most Valuable Player

Chris Ryan (Philadelphia Warriors)

    Top Team Offensive Players

Mike “MG” Giardi (Buffalo Braves)
Tim Knauer (Rochester Royals)
Nnamdi Nwachukwu (St Louis Hawks)
Justin McCarthy (New Jersey Nets)
Marty Bitner (Kansas City Kings)

    Top Team Defensive Players

Alex “Slam the” Doerr (St Louis Hawks)
Tim “Chief” Francis-Wright (Buffalo Braves)
Dustin “No-no” Roh (Philadelphia Warriors)
Andy “Sticky D” Lee (Providence Steamrollers)
David Po (Rochester Royals)

Voters’ Notes (unedited)

    PFL Award notes:

PFL Award- Matt Siebler
Plays the least, but always the most productive when out on the court. I really wish we had a better season for him.

Second PFL vote would be to David Po because he can be a big time scorer, but chooses to sacrifice his stats for the better of the team.

PFL Award: Tom Villani
Would have voted for him last year but he was on my team. So involved in the game planning for his team, shares minutes, passes first, and above all nice guy.

PFL: Jim Wyman (really good player who doesn’t score nearly as much as he could and plays the game with a smile)

PFL – David Duane – Dave is one of the friendlier guys in PFL. He competes hard but leaves it on the court.

1) PFL Award–Ché Silva–very hard worker and incredibly fun to play against

PFL – Sandy Kendall (has she won before?)

I would like to vote for Jim Duane for the PFL Award. Jim has shown a great attitude and has supported the team while being sidelined with a back injured the last five or six weeks. Jim has displayed all the qualities described below and we are all proud to have Jim as a teammate and for that I believe Jim deserves consideration for the PFL award.

PFL- David Duane…tough season and he stayed relatively positive…deserves something and he’s a patriarch of the league.

PFL: Jeff Smith. Has there ever been a better-natured, friendlier, pick-up-your-defender-after-you’ve-knocked-him-down, shooting guard in PFL?

PFL Award – Jean Millette. This dude was an inspiration. Apologized when he hinted at being a bad sport. New exactly what his team needed out of him and delivered. Never selfish. Always in a good mood. Approached basketball as it is meant to be- with a love for the game.

Larry Bavis fixed the scoreboard. Full stop.

PFL Award: Teammate vote: Bob Hill. Nicest guy in the league. Made me feel bad just by thinking a bad word much less saying it. Shows up ready to play and gives his all each time he’s out there. First time PFLer.

1) PFL Award – Not sure if she’s won before but she should have: Sandy Kendall

    Most Improved Player

Jim Vlahakis
Always a good player, felt his offensive game improved a lot this year.

Chip Allen (keeps getting better)

Shawn Fitzpatrick – I heard a couple people comment on how much Shawn improved this year.

Kayron Wright–very determined coming back from his knee injury…that’s not easy.

Alex Doerr…I just noticed him being a lot more assertive this year and finishing more than he used to, making more of a point to take his space and keep peopel from gettign to there’s.

Andrew Varley. That’s right. Has always been super-fast and athletic, but now uses his athleticism much more effectively and consistently; almost unstoppable (even un-foulable) once he gets the ball in the lane or on the break.

Christian Hartjes. Didn’t respect him at all the first half of the season. Come tournament time he was a game changer. His decision making improved exponentially. He was stronger on the ball and could withstand ball pressure by the end of the season.

Mike Giardi. He’s been a beast all season long. He doesn’t have a huge array of offensive moves, but he’s stepped up his game–making passes, working hard for rebounds, and pretty much carrying his team. I’m glad I never had to defend him.

Dave Hartung. Played with him over the summer. Barely recognized him this winter. Much more comfortable on the court, really picks his spots well.

Kayron Wright – I hadn’t seen him play for a while (due to my absence), but he’s using his skills a lot better than I remember, making better decisions.

    Most Valuable Player

Dan Ziminski
He is the engine to the Warriors’ offense. The hardest guy I guarded all season because once you think you got him trap he is able to pass out of it and put his teammates in a good scoring position.

Dan Ziminski
I’m sure he is a perrenial favorite for this award but I got to watch a few games of his this year and he really dominated.
Chris Ryan (He kills my team every time – never seems to miss on the pull-up)

Chris McIntyre (If he keeps delaying his ride off into the sunset though, I’ll be retracting my vote!)

Jeff Smith. Jeff had a great year, leading his team to the finals. He lit us up the one time we played him.

Alex Doerr--great PFL-er

Marty Bitner…most dominating all around season I’ve seen by a player since I have played in the league, it would be a complete sham if he didn’t win and he’s the main reason we got better.

Jim Wyman. Does it all — very, very quietly. Great rebounder, defender, passer, and makes the whole team better whether he scores or not. But he can score.

Roxy Pirnia. Played every minute of the game against us, and not just because they had four people. She spread the floor and knocked down big time shots. Drove once the defense started respecting her. Her team wouldn’t have stood a chance in hell without her to put some fear into the defense. Strong, confident player who inspired her teammates.

It won’t be a shame if Marty Bitner does not win this unanimously, but it would be appropriate.

Tim Knauer. Goes half speed sometimes which is nice of him because he could probably dominate the ball a lot more. Had his team running an effective offense for most of the season. Rare on these “thrown together” type teams.

Chris McIntyre – As he heads off into the sunset, he’s always know where the keys are…

Top Team Offensive Players

Nnamdi Nwachukwu- big time scorer and very efficient doing it.
Chris Ryan– all around scorer. Inside and outside, he got it all.
Marty Bitner– I don’t think anyone in the league has as much energy as this guy.
Barry Lai– my ankles are still recovering from his cross overs…
Justin McCarthy– really don’t know much about him except that he leads the league in FG% despite making over 100 FG attempts

Mark Pinchook – Mark is a complete offensive player. His post moves are legendary and this season he shot 50% from the three point line.
Tim Knauer
Nnamdi Nwachuckwu – we had to rotate 3 different defenders on Nnamdi and we still couldn’t stop him. The half-court shot he made was ridiculous.
Justin McCarthy
Marcia Whitehead – Marcia had a great year offensively. She shot well from everywhere and didn’t turn the ball over.

Brian Herrmann — scores and distributes
Roxy Pirnia — one of the most reliable 3-pt shooters in a league where they’re hard to find
Justin McCarthy — with John Hurley gone this season, he’s the one giving Zminski a run for “best point guard”
Namdi Nwachukwu — complete Carruthers-like offensive package
(If I could, I’d vote for Marcia here: 5th in league in FG%, more assists than TOs, 75% FT, spaces the floor and calms down our otherwise frenetic offense.)

PG: Andy Lee – Dogged scorers mentality. He knew that his defender could only hang with him for so many attempts before he turned their legs into jello and blew by them. Perfected the fade and floater to compensate for his size. Deadly set shooter who made you over commit to contesting.

SG: Nnamdi Nwachukwu – With a name like Nnamdi, I think he may be the real Black Mamba. Come 4th quarter, watch out because he is going to knock down shots.

SF: Scott Galloway – I thought Manu Ginobili played for the Spurs?
PF: Alex Doerr – Comfortable with his back to the basket and 15 feet out. Respectable first step and size to finish in the lane.

C: Shawn “Fly” Fitzpatrick – Spin move to the left? Yes. Spin move to the right? Yes. Hook? Yes. Post up so even the most inept guards can get him the ball? Always.

* Mike Cox, because he makes me defend him all the way past the 3-point line, and because he sets excellent screens.

* Nnamdi Nwachukwu, because he both rebounds well and has NBA 3-point range from outside.

* Ted Bach, because he’s impossible to box out.

* Scott Galloway, because his team is 1-5 without him.

Justin McCarthy, because he always runs the floor and because he gets to the rim even when it looks like he has no chance to get there.

Nnamdi Nwachukwu (never played against him, seen him play, looking forward to the challenge); Mike (“MG”) Giardi (moves and then moves on top of those moves); Tim Knauer (runs a team, scores when it matters); Greg Herr (knows the game, more importantly knows his own game); Dan Ziminski (easy choice but still…)

Top Team Defensive Players

Marty Bitner– 11 RPG and 3+ BPG. In the game against us, he almost out rebounded our entire team and blocked us 6 times.
Mike Giardi– Hard to score on and impossible to box out.

Marc Davenport – Marc is a beast on the boards.
Andy Lee – Andy is one of the best 1 on 1 defenders in PFL.

Marty Bitner — the human pogo stick, great shot-blocker and rebounder
Tom Villani — try driving past him — really, try — it’s way harder than you’d think
Shawn Fitzpatrick — 2nd in league in blocked shots, always hustling on D
Steve Luczsz — hustle, hustle, hustle
Shonak Patel — “the glove”

Dustin Roh – I know, you said I could only vote for my teammates in the individual category. I don’t care. Match him up with any guard and the game becomes 4 on 5. Best on the ball defender in the league, even when he was hung over for 75% of the games.

Barry “Fast Don’t” Lai – Doesn’t concede any ground on defense. glad to go toe-to-toe with anyone.

Ivan “The Terrific” Pina – smart defensive player. Can read what you want and take it away from you. Appears out of nowhere on the fast break or help side to prevent the easy layup. Gives smart fouls to frustrate the offense. I know from experience.

Jamal Halawa – Uses his size/length to his advantage. If only he had switched to defending our pick-n-roll 4 plays earlier than he did… they’d be in the finals.

Ted Bach – Makes driving the lane scary.

* Marty Bitner: The best shot-blocker in the PFL in a long, long time.

* Nick Le: Perhaps the best help defender in the league, he’s not afraid of anything, not even foul trouble.

* Chizzy Uchendu: He’ll defend anybody in the league and do it well.

* Dustin Roh: The best defender on the stingiest defense in the league.

Jim Wyman: He’s only played in 8 games but leads the league in combined blocks and steals.

February 14, 2012

Championship Saturday Skills’ Competitions

Skills Course:

1. Marcia Whitehead (BB) :22.5
2. Matthew Eng (NN) :22.9
3. Dan Ziminski (PW) :23.8
4. Alex Doerr (SLH) :25.4
5. “Timmer” Fredette (SN) :38.3
6. Brian Herrmann (FWP) :38.3
7-10. Tom Hamel (ML) 1:00
7-10. Greg Herr (KCK) 1:00
7-10. Barry Lai (PS) 1:00
7-10. Shonak Patel 1:00

Fastest PFL Human Being

1. Tom Hamel (ML) :36.5
2. Ryan Kowalczyk (PS) :36.7
3. Christian Hartjes (SLH) :38.6 (incl. 5 secs added for 1 miss)*
4. David Po (RR) :39.8
5. Marty Bitner (KCK) :42.4 (incl. 5 secs added for 1 miss)*
6. Eamon Weinheimer (BB) :43.7 (incl. 5 secs added for 1 miss)*
7. Nick Le (SN) :47.0 (incl. 10 secs added for 2 misses)*
8. Justin McCarthy (NN) :48.5 (incl. 10 secs added for 2 misses)*
9. Akira Motomura (ML) :48.5 (incl. 5 secs added for 1 miss)*
10. Dustin Roh (FWP) :58.6 (incl. 10 secs added for 2 misses)*

* Is anyone else surprised that 7 out of 10 players missed at least one layup? It’s a layup!

Three Point Shooting

1. Scott Lieber (FWP) 14
2-3. David Duane (NN) 13
2-3. Mark Pinchook (KCK) 13
4. Nnamdi Nwachukwu (SLH) 12
5-6. Chris Ryan (PW) 11
5-6. Ranjith Zachariah (RR) 11
7. Tom Hamel (ML) 8
8. Barath Sankaran (SN) 7
9-10. Ben Floman (PS) 4
9-10. Mike “MG” Giardi (BB) 4

February 7, 2012

Much is at stake: the chance to prove what kind of team you are (not have been). I see many intriguing matchups:

G1 for the 10th and 9th place Championships:

8:30am Buffalo Braves (2-7; 0-3) vs Rochester Royals (4-5; 0-3)

The Braves have been like a car with no accelerator and no brakes. Lately they’ve been fumbling for the keys. Will they find them before Saturday’s game ends? The Royals were, on paper, a team to beat. At least they’ve been a team to watch as they actually ran an offense. Good players, good guys, good luck.

G2 for the 8th and 7th place Championships:

10am Syracuse Nationals (4-5; 1-2) vs Minneapolis Lakers (5-4; 1-2)

The Nationals started off 4-0. They have since found the only ski area open for business and are on a pair of hot waxed skis going downhill very fast. The Lakers are happy McIntyre hasn’t sold his house yet and moved to The Sunshine State. Can they score 100 as a goodbye present?

G3 for the 6th and 5th place Championships:

10:55am New Jersey Nets (1-8; 2-1) vs Providence Steamrollers (4-5; 1-2)

The Nets, aka the Cardiac Kids (for their penchant for close – losing – games early in the season) believe they are better than 1-8, bottom-of-the-bunch-stuff. Winning 5th or 6th is saying a lot. The Steamrollers, meanwhile, continue to slap naysayers away. “I’m a steamroller, baby, I’m gonna roll all over you.”

G4 for the 4th and 3rd place Championships:

12:25pm Kansas City Kings (5-4; 1-2) vs St Louis Hawks (6-3; 2-1)

The Kings were within a FG or two from a date at the Big Dance, instead they’ll be doing “the hustle” and “the bump” for 3rd or 4th place. Everyone had the Hawks soaring untouched to the PFL promised land, a nice, cohesive, fun-to-watch team.

G5 for the 2nd and 1st place Championships:

1;55PM Philadelphia Warriors (8-1; 2-1) vs Fort Wayne Pistons (6-3; 3-0)

Has there ever been a better PFL Championship matchup? Yes. All the time. Still, both teams play defense, share the ball and seem to like to compete as much as they seem to like to win. It’s possible that the Pistons will win but the Warriors will score more points. It’s also possible that the Warriors will win but the Pistons score more. Follow me? Who knows? Two nice teams full of nice people who will be congratulating each other like a big bunch of winners after the game.

November 20, 2011

Since we’ve had a “Grinnell-style” team (anchored by Messrs. McIntyre, Hamel, Kratka, Goldsmith, “The Chief”, Akira, Dave Stewart and Cassel) the past few seasons, thought I’d pass this along. We always wanted that team to play faster, shoot quicker, be a bit more more unabashed. Here’s evidence of what they were “shooting” for: Grinnell player scores 89, Nov. 19, 2011. Check out the box score: he took 33 three-pointers! (Before you look: any guesses as to how many assists he had?)

November 17, 2011

  • Nat Rink, long-time PFL hero/stud and, if memory serves correctly, former MVP, will serve as mercenary and bulwark for the NY Nets this Saturday, 10:20am; don’t miss it.
  • Teams that show up with all 9 players will have their “Team Photo” taken. When all 10 teams have team photos, we’ll do something with them.
  • Larry Bavis fixed the scoreboard! Larry Bavis fixed the scoreboard! Larry Bavis fixed the scoreboard!















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